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 ancient                                        byzantine                                            ottoman                                           mid-19th century                             

A large number of water collection and storage structures of various shapes, forms and dates have been investigated and recorded. They are built, rarely rock-cut, situated on the ground surface or subterranean, of rectangular, cylindrical, circular shapes, vaulted or flat-covered,

with a single or even three apartments, standing individual or clustered. 



Channels and runnels

built, rock-hewn, and a 

vertical conduit embedded at the wall

Mouths -in situ or re-used,

and wellheads

a byzantine sculpted fragment, probably an ancient one, and a venetian with trefoil ogive arches (?)

Roofing systems,

large unhewn slab-topped drystones 

barrel-vaults and arches

A group of more than 30 cisterns of several types -and probably dates,

clustered in Pyrgos, Outer/messinian Mani

A group of vaulted samples and detail of a three-layered interior (hydraulic?) plaster 

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